Here at Bongospares Uk, we can supply and fit engines for your Mazda Bongo’s and Ford Freda’s.

Prices range from £850-£1350.

Engines can come as complete second hand engines, fully built up, built up with a new head fitted, built up with reconditioned parts.. etc etc. Please call our office to speak to a mechanic about how you’d like your engine.

We deliver engines via pallet delivery. We also accept collection, or we can arrange transportation of your vehicle from yourself to us and back again in order for us to fit it for you.

Our engines are bench checked to ensure they’re in working order. We also carry out chemical ‘sniff’ checks on the engines to make sure there’s no exhaust gases or contamination.

Like all our second hand products, warranty is 30 days. However, you will receive 90 day warranty if we fit it.

If you choose to get an engine with a new cylinder head, the head comes with a 12 month warranty.

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